What is Disaster Recovery?

Internet, with all its advantages, throws some threats and challenges as well. One of the major challenges is to the security of the data and information stored online, in case of an unforeseen disaster or threat. A digital disaster may result in your data getting leaked, stolen or tampered with. It may also result in permanent and irreversible damage to your software infrastructure and can bring down your entire system.

In such situations, disaster recovery dictates how your system responds to minimize the effect of the disaster. At a time when the internet is becoming more and more prone to disasters and the stakes are a way too high, a good disaster recovery strategy should be an integral part of your business plan.

What does Disaster Recovery do?

Data Backup

One of the key functions of the disaster recovery solution strategy is to maintain high-quality backups of all data at all times. Data is the first thing that's lost in an eventuality and is also the most important asset for you. Thus, it needs to be backed up properly.


A good disaster recovery service plan needs to be universal in nature. What it means is that it should cover all aspects of your system, and protect it against all kinds of disasters and loss of any data or critical information.


The disaster recovery strategy should be responsive in nature. It should act swiftly in case of a digital disaster, and provide efficient and reliable solutions to it.

Safety & Security

By introducing virtual machines, the security of the system gets enhanced automatically. Virtualization ensures data security, integrity, and protects it against any potential threats or leakages.

Our Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster recovery is a vast array of services. These services can be as diversified as you want, or as specific as you want, depending upon the size, scale, and nature of your business. We offer complete end to end disaster recovery solutions for our clients.

Data Backup

Cloud Hosting

Network Security

Database Security

Security Audit

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